Industrial maintenance

Mantenimiento industrial Urpinas

here As a maintenance auxiliary firm, Urpinas manufactures spare parts, mechanizes spare parts from a layout or a simple, repairs machines covering a wide range of possibilities within mechanization, with always the will to be able to offer the best service thanks to: Куда сообщить о продаже наркотиков: анонимно сообщить в госнаркоконтроль • Construction and milling of straight • C.N.C. Lathe machining (diam. 550mm x 1200mm) • Conventional Lathe machining (diam. until 600 x 4.000 mm)
• C.N.C. milling (diam. 3000mm x1200mm x 1000mm)
• Plate cutting and folding (10mm x 3000mm)
• Reloading with cold projection and ceramics
• On site boring